Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today is the official birth of Totes Amaze Tuesdays! We will back date our first dinner session, but tonight, we decided to name and immortalize our regular Tuesday night dates. What do our meetings consist of, and why are they so damn special anyway, you ask?

 J and I are cousins by blood but best friends by destiny (BAHAHA SO CHEESE). When we get together, it is an extensive dissection of interactions - social, physical, intellectual, personal; an eruption of loud uncontrollable laughs as a result of offensive material; a cosmetic experiment with nail polish, lip gloss, and other aesthetic fancies; an experience of basic, exotic, and usually spicy culinary concoctions; and ultimately, a boisterous affair that should be documented by all means. (And "by all means", I mostly mean Instagram, goddamn lazy man's Twitter.)

I think I just exhausted my vocabulary. Thank god for Urban Dictionary and the thousands of dollars that J and I both spent acquiring our useless English minor and major, respectively...pinky up.

I promise to update regularly and swear minimally. Hold me to that.

Here we go!

What a couple of clowns.

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