Monday, May 7, 2012

Special Edition: Mini Totes Fancy Weekend

Quick hits!

Friday night, J was feeling cagey and I was making shit up as I went along, so we decided to make a Fancy Friday (J, I just named it, not even official!), even though this one wasn't particularly fancy.  We started at my dude K's house for dinner, with our other boy D.  Now K is a culinary artiste - he is the one who has shaped my gourmet of the best!  He decided to make spicy fish curry with Aroy-D green curry paste and an array of vegetables.  We devoured it so quick, there are no photos to prove it even deliciously existed.

We worked our way through a couple growlers from Granite Brewery that D brought, and then seriously spent another couple hours watching the most ridiculous YouTube videos ever.  And it ALWAYS COMES BACK TO STUPID BABY AND ANIMAL VIDEOS.

Anyway, we finally made our way over to the best kept karaoke bar secret of Regent Park.  GREATEST PLACE EVER, that I cannot tell you about or else I'd have to kill you.  They have amazing blender drinks, as J fully experienced. IN REGENT PARK.  Oh, the characters that were in attendance!

TWO umbrellas! You fancy, huh.

Saturday, we had a quick frap date for Starbucks' happy hour promo, and of course, did our nails (okay, J did my nails), before we parted ways.

Just a bit of love for the weekend!

Oh yeah, I saw a Storm Trooper on my way to J's.  Best.

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